Live Earth Travelling Lodge


The Live Earth travelling lodge, is a travelling sacred space that weaves together indigenous ways with new ways, exploring connection and creating new cultural patterns.

Indigenous ways for us means our truth of connection to Earth, Spirit and Love, which brings a sense of belonging to the land and the healing of separation.

Rediscovering the truth of being human and standing in the truth of connection bringing wholeness. We do this by ‘ Opening the Centre’. Once we rediscover our connection we can stand in the uniqueness of our natural self.

We aim to create a space of sharing where the beauty of our own individual natural self can flourish. Our natural selves all hold a piece of the collective jigsaw, we can create the picture and the dream we want, creating a new tapestry of rich cultural patterns. These new cultural patterns will be born from the land, from the open centre, bringing new ceremony, songs, stories, bringing all the solutions we need to create a new society based on connection and love.


We bring you the Live Earth Travelling Lodge, to open the natural space up to do all these things.

Our Lodge is a space for :

Opening the Centre

Sitting in Council

Unfolding of the women and the men, and the holding of our children and our youth by holding Women and girls lodges, teaching the map of womanhood and the natural rites of passages and cycles of life and Men and boys lodges teaching the map of manhood and the natural rites of passages that occur.

Teachings of nature connection and earth awareness through ceremony and storytelling, games etc

Also the lodge is a space for the elders, the grandmothers and grandfathers of this new earth tribe of first nation natives to bring their collective wisdom and to hold the younger generation.

We will gather in the lodge and drum, sing,tell our stories, sit in council and celebrate, and honour the earth and all our relations with ceremony.