img_0479Shando Varda

I live close to Nature and teach, among other things …… Nature Connection, Non Verbal Communication with Nature, Earthing, Play especially Nature connection games, Medicine Wheel, Opening the Centre, Live Earth and Becoming Native.

I do this through simple practical demonstrations and exercises and through creating situations that allows the Earth to teach individuals directly. The core skill in all of this is …..listening.

From a lifetime of living in Nature with my ear close to the ground, simple ways and understandings have tumbled into my lap. It is my endless delight and honour to share these.

I am founder and director of the Live Earth Trust, which is a charity which buys land and gives it back to mother Earth, creating reserves of land for the wild. The charity also seeks to bring new social and cultural patterns to communities.

Through Live Earth and Becoming Native i hope to help create new earth based culture that puts the Earth in the centre.

I lead a travelling life that takes me deep into Nature.


Angharad Emma Varda

My name is Angharad Emma Varda and I am passionate about rewilding land and people, Earth connection, mentoring, dreaming and dancing. I have travelled the Earth widely learning about Native ways and shamanism. I now live a nomadic life on the road with my family.


I created the Becoming Native Project to help people explore, deepen and understand their connectedness to the Earth and the Cosmos and how to live this with authenticity.   Rewilding ourselves is a journey, a coming home to our Natural Self. I seek to bring ways of seeing, knowing, connecting and merging with the natural world to others.

I co-created and am still developing the Native Learning Wheel which I use at home with our daughters.

My deepening path has now brought me to the understanding of the need to be with our daughters as they journey to womanhood and to create lodges for them. Weaving a bundle of teachings, ceremonies, stories, drum journeys and meditations; i bring Becoming Native to girls and also to the women. 


Hannah Gwawr 

 Hannah Gwawr is happy to be part of this exciting, beautiful, progressive, ancient,wise 20170116_164450movement which is the vision of the live earth travelling lodge.
So much beauty and native understanding will be journeying with us as we follow our hearts, connecting and weaving with communities all around, helping recreate culture, bringing people together in celebration of our wild selves and our beautiful Earth Mother, helping this natural wisdom to stay with the next generations.
Hannah lives a natural indigenous life as much as she can, feels deeply connected to the earth and is commited to the journey of rewilding that many people are longing for. She lives a nomadic life with her beautiful family, and home educates with a native perspective. She has worked for many years teaching children earth wisdom and connection in sacred space with story, song and ceremony creating community bonding and beautiful medicine ways to show youth to help be an antedote to the disconnected mainstream culture.
She is also the designer and creator of the Changing Woman Moontime Mandala and Changing Woman Moontime Colouring book, which are beautifully illustrated and powerfully worded resources to help connect women and girls to the blood mysteries and the awesomeness of the deep connection of the woman’s cycle to nature.