Earth lodges

Coming together in circle to light the fire of a new earth-based culture.

The creation of an Earth lodge for that circle to open the centre, create ceremony, holdtipi council and dream new ways together.

If we circle with each other and the earth with the centre open, sharing our own unique truths, out of that centre comes great beauty, healing, pictures, guidance, understandings and solutions, all that we need to take the earth back and to create new cultural patterns putting the earth back in the centre of our lives.

In the Earth lodge we also hold circles to share teachings , healing and understandings that we have experienced ourselves , developed ourselves and which have worked for us and which we use in our day to day lives.


A ceremony is an event you can create for yourself or take part in with others to mark or facilitate the change from one state of being to another.

It is a form used by Native people all over the world to express and support the different life transitions that occur for us all in our own lives and in the passage of time around us.

Using traditional senses of being and fusing them with new awareness, centred around the recognition of connection, we find elegant forms arise to serve our present day needs.

We teach and share these

Opening the Centre

Organic Brotherhood and Sisterhood

Taking the Shawl

Map of Manhood and Boyhood

Rites of Passage

Map of Womanhood and Girlhood

Rites of Passage

Recovering our Soulskin

Clearing our shields

We do this on an individual, couple, family or community level.



Prayers for our mother Earth and all our relations

Prayers for our mother Earth and all our relations

Holding sacred space with children

Holding sacred space with children


Drum Games teaching sensory awareness and stillness in nature




Spirit Drum Circle

A  Spirit Drum Ceremony holding intentions and prayers, both personal and for the benefit of Mother Earth. When the drum and other  percussion instruments are used in a sacred way, they become vibrational medicine tools.

Each ceremony has its own focus or intention, it could be drumming for the Earth, for the Waters  for ourselves, for the human family, whatever we are called to hold in the sacred space. We begin with blessing the drums and percussion instruments on the central Altar , leading into several rounds of drumming along with sacred songs, prayers and spirit journeys as we co-create a powerful vibrational field…The spirit drum is in the centre for all to play.


Healing with the land

Rewilding ourselves is an ever deepening journey, a coming home to your natural self.

As the wild land has been tamed we too have become domesticated, moving further away from our truth of connection to all life , the earth, the cosmos and the deep knowing that is our wild nature.

Drumming to release prayers i the fire

Drumming to release prayers in the fire

Introduction to ancient ways of seeing, knowing, connecting and merging with the natural world which raises our vibration and heals us, enabling us to access guidance  and to live the truth of who we really are, to live our purpose, our divine truth.





 Dreaming lodge

Once you begin healing your connection to the land, you can learn to hear the dream of the unfolding earth, and your own dream.

We will circle and use ancient techniques of journeying to connect to the seeds of dreaming held in the land. And begin to understand how our own dreams connect to the dreams of the Earthmother.

Learn how to journey to access guidance for healing yourself .

You hold the answers for dreaming yourself and the earth whole.

Work with Youth.

The journey to Womanhood


We hold circles with young people as they journey on their path to becoming who they really are. Holding sacred space with ceremonies, drum journeys and meditations, storytelling , nature games, drumming, fire and song we mentor them to become their natural self .

For more on work with girls, click on this link