Live Earth

‘Live Earth’ is the name we give to the natural state of Being that arises from the recognition of Earth Connection.

From this fundamental reality and the contemplation and experience of it, arise beautiful, strong, harmonious natural social patterns for human kind.

The wonder of Live Earth for us as human beings is that because its starting place is being truthful about connection to Earth and all of Nature, this is encoded and inherent in everything that arises from it. The Earth and Nature are the DNA of Live Earth.

This being so what arises from Live Earth is fundamentally harmonious.

Live Earth is the natural religio ( how i am connected) of the planet and it comes into being from opening the centre. It is the infinite game of the planet, the game that the Earth and all nature is playing with itself and its aim is simply to carry on. By joining into Live Earth we join into that game.



Opening the centre

Opening the centre



Live Earth starts in an individual through their recognition that they are part of Nature, part of the whole and their direct experience of Earth connection.

This is called ‘Opening the Centre’ and we have some simple, beautiful ways and ceremonies for doing this.


Two People

When two people who have ‘Opened the Centre’ inside of themselves sit together and share about being part of the Earth and Nature this ‘Opens the Centre’ between them.

This is an extremely beautiful thing to do and is the essential mechanics for Earth Brotherhood and Sisterhood.

Again we have evolved simple and beautiful ways to do this.



When a group of people sit in a circle and take it in turn to share their truths about their connection to the Earth and Nature …and hence each other ….this Opens the Centre between them and their truths collect in the middle.

It is as if each person’s truth was a stone and together they have built a ‘cairn’ of truth stones. What happens is that they have built a virtual or subtle energy ‘cairn of truth’ that literally shimmers with those truthful vibrations.

When this is done those people are sitting around their shimmering truths as if it were a fire …which on one level it is. The strength of this is self evident without words. The power of this vibration, like the heat of a fire, penetrates all and surrounds and holds them.

It literally dis-spells the untruthful vibration of separation that we are all culturally imprinted with and holds it at bay.

This opens and holds the space for something new and natural and real to occur. This something new we call …Live Earth….and it comes into being when we acknowledge our connection and state of belonging.

This is the real thing. This is naturally occurring Unity and these are some of the basic mechanics of it.

In Live Earth we observe that it is this Natural Unity that needs to sit at the heart of community.

Comm = With              Unity =Oneness

Community = With Oneness


When this is at the heart of a human community then that human community is naturally connected to and includes the Earth and all of Nature.


What has now occurred is that all branches of science fully concur that all of biological and physical life are part of the one whole. This is what Native people have always known and understood. So reality has been redefined. Live Earth emerges from these strong grounds and explores the natural way forward.