Becoming Native/Wild Heart

Becoming Native

Becoming Native is the living heart of Live Earth.

It looks at and addresses how we as individuals can move from the imposed cultural imprinting of Separation through into the warm natural homeland of Connection.

It looks at how we may become ….First Planet Natives

It looks at what this truly means


This is of course the deeper journey of a lifetime and looks at how we can uncover our own Natural Selves and the Wild Hearts inside.


This personal deepening of our sense of connection to all things will lead us back to our natural sense of being.


To this end we have gathered and created simple ways and ceremonies to heal our separated selves in order to allow the wonder of our Natural Selves to emerge and take over our lives.

We have created a toolkit and start up road map into and through this territory.

We view this work as a cooperative endeavour with each person adding their own wisdom and experiences to the process. In this way it is hoped that real ‘folk treasure’ will be created between us all.

Medicine wheel at the Eartheart.....Ceremonies come from the open centre

Medicine wheel at the Eartheart…..Ceremonies come from the open centre



We created the Becoming Native Project to help people explore, deepen and understand their connectedness to the Earth and the Cosmos and how to live this with authenticity.   Rewilding ourselves is a journey, a coming home to our Natural Self. We seek to bring ways of seeing, knowing, connecting and merging with the natural world to others.

20161217_160158…..As the wild land has been tamed we too have become domesticated, moving further away from our truth of connection to all life , the earth, the cosmos and the deep knowing that is our wild nature. Rewilding ourselves is an ever deepening journey, a coming home to our natural self. Bringing ways of seeing, knowing, connecting and merging with the natural world  …

Wild Heart

Recovering our wild hearts and indigenous souls and reclaiming the wild places on the earth, recovering the wilderness.

If people can acknowledge their wild heart and connect to their indigenous soul, and feel their connection to the wild land, then they can connect to the ancient wild dream of themselves and the ancient wild dream of the land that still exists in the land, underneath the tamed land and the domestication, lies the wild unfolding dream of the earth. If we broke down the fences and walls inside ourselves and undomesticated ourselves and untamed our wild hearts, we would allow the wild dream to unfold and the wild places would return. We would find solutions to living free wild lives as the human family within the wildness, in harmony.

We cant until our tamed hearts are set free and we live the full expression of our natural authentic selves.


We have to break down our fences and walls (conditioning etc) to allow our natural self (dream) to unfold – this allows us to connect to the dream ( wild) o the earth, break down the fences and walls (domestication) to allow the Earth to unfold. From this will come the truth of our existence, connection, beauty , freedom – consciousness. From this will come solutions to living in harmony , and sustainability – allow the natural world to thrive in its unfolding wildness. Allow ourselves to thrive in our unfolding wildness- consciousness. 5th dimensional natives.